29 April 2014


Today was a rainy day
So I waited for a dry moment, went out and took these pictures.

(Fake) leather legging, white top under a jeans blouse, Aztec-print shoes, a black floral scarf and a few jewels. I call it streetstyle, photographed around the woods.

 A few trees had to be hacked because otherwise the trees wouldn't have enough space to grow, they said.

From the Sacha store, you can find them here.

Do you like my outfit?

See you soon!

22 April 2014


In school they organize a trip for all the pupils in their pre-final year, that trip was last week and I was lucky enough to go to Marrakesh!

Bye Holland, Hello Morocco. 


Djemaa el Fna by night! I loved the atmosphere there!

During our four hour trip towards Ouarzazate we saw this tiny "shop", I thought it looked incredibly cute. Check out the line stone pigs!

 Film studios at Ouarzazate!

 Objects used in several films.

So this is what they call a film studio. Impressive, huh?

 And this is as well called a film studio. Yeah, a lot of nothing.
(The building you can see in the back is the castle used in Game of Thrones.)

Kasbah Aït Benhaddou, this village is placed on the World Heritage Site.
Only five families live here because the renovations took too much time for most people.
The view from this Kasbah (= village with four towers) was amazing!

 HEY IT'S A CAMEL! (Actually it's a dromedary, but camel sounds better.)

 Whoop whoop let's go riding this sweet camel!

While visiting a palace I spotted this pillar. These details are so tiny, must have been a hell of a job to do.

Spices souks, beautifully exposed, don't you think?

Can you feel the chaos?
My name written in Arab (read from right to left) in henna!

And another beautiful henna drawing on my hand.

The souvenirs I brought from the trip!
(Moroccan paper, tajine cups, bracelets, scarfs, a few Dirham coins, key hanger typical Arabic shoes and Arabic Orangina and Fanta.)

It's been a week to remember!

See you soon!

12 February 2014


Back in 1997, at the first day of February a miracle happened....

Well, actually it was just a stormy day and I came to the world crying, of course. (As all babies do.)
But that day is now more than seventeen years ago, and I would like to tell you about my 17th birthday.

The day started with me and a friend biking in the drizzle towards the train station to head to the Erasmus university in Rotterdam. 
No, that's not right.
My day started at midnight, I had been looking for cake recipes in cooking books after I got back from work (dish-washing at a restaurant). I was very tired caused by the fact that I had had eleven exams at school that past week. But at midnight my mother congratulated me and we drank a liqueur (Ssshhh, I am actually not old enough). Very good begin of a long day.

So my friend and I travelled to Rotterdam and visited several informing colleges. I liked the Erasmus University very much! It's decorated with art and a lot buildings are new.

We came home at five o'clock and baked this delicious chocolate-fudge-pie, which we ate in the evening when some other very sweet friends came over to celebrate my birthday. 
As said they came, gave sweet presents (a lot chocolate!) and we watched Frozen (Disney). What a fun movie!
They know what I love
I have had a really good birthday and I am very grateful that I have this sweet, lovely friends by my side.

See you soon!